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Poorboy's Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner

A safe, effective wheel cleaner for all types of finishes!

Poorboy's have created a new, safer wheel cleaner that is usable on all types of wheels/finishes. This non-acidic wheel cleaner lifts and loosens brake dust, and cuts through road grime.

This new, unique wheel cleaner is perfect for those who prefer non-acid wheel cleaners. This safe wheel cleaner is also biodegradable, making it the eco friendly, and safer choice for clean wheels!

Light agitation may needed on heavily soiled rims.

Available in 500mL


  1. Rinse wheel with water first to cool the surface and remove loose dirt and debris.
  2. Spray an even layer of Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner onto the wheel surface.
  3. Use a soft wheel brush, mitt or sponge to gently agitate and cut through film and loosen brake dust.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry completely.