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Poorboy's Slick N Suds

A gentle, yet incredibly effective washing solution that has an amazing user experience with fantastic results!

Poorboy's products have been gaining popularity more and more through weekend warriors, enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. At their price point, it is sometimes hard to fathom how good these products are.

Poorboy's Slick and Suds is another shining example of Poorboy's ability to create products that compete with the best, at an incredible price. Super Slick & Suds sure does live up to its name. This super foamy washing solution comes all ready to use, but can be diluted down to suit your needs - the dirtier your car, the more shampoo should be used.

30ml in 8 Litres of water creates a bucket of never-ending scrubbing foam and highly effective wash water. Using the hose, a bit of water pressure will inspire and renew the cleaning bubbles throughout the entire wash. This very concentrated auto wash is potent yet gentle when it comes to removing dirt, oil, road grit, and grime.

Modern technology has combined natural, gentle, effective cleaners to create a non-toxic, biodegradable, pH-balanced car wash concentrate. The cleaning principles have been combined with oils that encapsulate each dirt particle, eliminating the chance of swirl or scratch contamination.

Although tough on dirt, Poorboy's Slick & Suds is gently on all automotive surfaces, your skin, and the environment. This slick and sudsy formula will not strip or degrade any existing wax or paint protection. On the contrary, a renewed shine will emerge after each use of Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash.


  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly foamy, with amazing lubricants
  • pH Neutral
  • Safe on all surfaces & finishes

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