Scholl Concepts Black Fine Foam Paint Puck

Scholl Concepts


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Scholl Concepts Black Fine Foam Paint Puck applicators are designed for light hand polishing, applying wax & paint sealants as well as trim and tyre dressings. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue on the fingers, hands and wrist with a comfortable hand grip. The larger base size allows for downwards pressure to be evenly distributed over a greater area to give much more consistent results.


Used in conjunction with an appropriate compound the hand puck is safe for use on the exterior paintwork of the vehicle and with it's unique grip design allows the user much greater control of the product, particularly when trying to access hard to reach areas where a traditional polish or wax applicator would not allow the necessary pressure to achieve results.

The hand grip design also improves the durability of the applicator as wear and tear is focused on the handle it self and not the polishing surface. 


  • Safe for use on exterior paintwork 
  • Can be used to apply tire dressings 
  • Can be used on interior trim, leather, plastic, rubber and vinyl 
  • Durable foam and unique handle design for more consistent results 
  • Machine washable 


Scholl Concepts S30+ 

Scholl Concepts A15+

Scholl Concepts W09


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