Scholl Concepts Black Waffle SOFTouch Fine Pad 85/145/170mm

Scholl Concepts


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The Black Waffle Soft Touch pad is designed as a finishing pad for effective use on a Dual Action or Rotary Polishing machine. The soft foam and "waffle" texture aid in reducing heat and ensuring a flawless finish every time. 


Designed by Scholl Concepts to achieve the maximum optical clarity possible, the waffle soft touch is all about reducing surface friction and heat which can lead to a hazy or dull finish after a polishing run, particularly on darker colours. 

With the 'wave pattern' on the polishing interface you are reducing total surface area while at the same time reducing the amount of friction being introduced to the paint. It also means that with less contact comes less heat.


  • Waffle design reduces heat and friction 
  • Designed for a consistent and perfect finish on many paint types 
  • Soft durable foam 



Scholl Concepts S17+

Scholl Concepts S30+

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