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Scholl Concepts Gold Spider Polishing Pad

An incredibly soft, polishing pad that will unlock new levels of gloss onto the vehicle. Remove any haze, light swirls and holograms, and get the ultimate "wet look".


The Scholl Concepts Gold Spider polishing pad is designed to be used with a modern Dual Action polisher. With a centre punched hole to effectively manage heat transfer through the backing plate that is common in DA machines. Coupled with a heavy duty velcro system this pad will serve you well across many vehicles without degrading and breaking apart.

Utilising a unique "spider" cut pattern in the foam the pad makes full benefit of the oscillating movements a dual action polisher is known for. Additionally as heat is introduced to the pad it will soften and allow for even greater finishing ability particularly on softer paint systems.

The Gold Spider is a step down in terms of stiffness and abrasiveness when compared to the Orange Spider foam and is best suited for use with Scholl S40 anti hologram polish as a "jewelling" pad to refine even further than a "polished" surface.


  • Unique spider foam ensures maximum use of pad surface area
  • No trace marks, haze or holograms
  • Durable pad with prolonged use
  • Heat resistant velcro

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