Scholl Concepts No Gloss 500ml

Scholl Concepts


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Scholl concepts 'no gloss' is formulated to care for the increasingly common matte paint finishes being used by manufacturers. It will not alter the colour or shade of the matte surface and will not add a sheen other protectants tend to leave behind.


Protection of matte surfaces from environmental fallout and contamination is of even more paramount importance than a regular two pack clear coated finish as it cannot be abrasively corrected via polishing if it is exposed to the elements. Attempting to do so will cause the matte finish to turn glossy. No gloss is designed to prevent the buildup of hard water contamination and environmental fallout such as tree sap and bird droppings from permanently etching/staining the surface.



  • Protects OEM satin, matte and aftermarket finishes
  • Protects matte wrap systems
  • Easy application, wipe on wipe off


Concours Four Seasons Microfiber Cloth


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