Scholl Concepts Orange Foam Polishing Pad 85/145/170mm

Scholl Concepts


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The most versatile of the Scholl Concepts pad range, the orange foam is capable of removing light to moderate defects with S17+ and finishing to a high gloss with S30+ and S40 anti hologram polish. 


Built around the Scholl line of compounds the secret lies in the density of the foam and how it softens with use. As the compounds abrasives begin to break down in size and the heat in the foam builds up you are working with an increasingly finer polish as the work time progresses. 


  • High quality dense foam 
  • Hook and loop velcro 
  • Closed cell foam to aid in breaking down abrasives


Scholl Concepts S20 Black

Scholl Concepts S17+

Scholl Concepts S30+

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