Scholl Concepts - Soft 5inch Backing Plate 14mm Rotary

Scholl Concepts


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The extra cushioning of the backing plate enables you keep the pad face as flat as possible on the surface that flow with the contour of the body lines and minimise the chance of burning the paint while not placing additional downwards force onto the edges of pad.


This uniquely balanced backing plate can improve your efficiency without compromising on safety thanks to it's foam cushion design. When combined with a wool, foam or microfiber pad you can expect improved balance as while at the same time allowing you to increase your working area and more effectively manage the heat buildup in the panel.

Where traditional backing plates for the rotary are rigid and can cause uneven pressure as well as a much smaller surface area to work on leading to a much more difficult and time consuming process to get even and consistent results. 


  • Reducing marring when using wool pad
  • More gentle buffing including cutting on soft paints
  • Higher level of finish with a finishing combination
  • Perfect for 5.5" (145mm) Pads


Scholl Concepts Universal Blue Spider

Scholl Concepts Black Waffle Soft Touch

Scholl Concepts Orange Foam Polishing Pad

Scholl Concepts Purple Spider Pad

Scholl Concepts Purple Foam

Scholl Concepts Gold Spider Pad




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