• Shine Mate - Black Diamond Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pad (4"/6"/7")

Shine Mate - Black Diamond Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pad (4"/6"/7")

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Shine Mates Yellow Cutting Pad works perfectly to remove any deep scratches, swirl marks and defects that occur with heavy polishing compounds

Medium density open cell professional grade foam ideal for moderate to heavy cut medium, hard and some soft paint finishes. The pad is soft enough to allow for movement on concave and convex panel surfaces without compromising a uniform cut across the area. Designed for both Rotary and Dual Action applications The Black Diamond technology reduces heat generation due to a lower surface area on the panel, it is also more balanced than traditional pad designs and reduces vibration, leading to a user friendly safe polishing experience that produces consistent professional results.

Yellow black diamond is a very versatile pad, offering high rate of cut and excellent finish that can be adjusted around compound selection, machine rotation speed and downward pressure.

Extremely durable and easy to maintain these pads are suited to a range of compound technologies be they SMAT, Nano or DAT, including but not limited to Scholl S20 Black and Shine Mate V82. 


  • 4" - 100mm Suits 3" Backing Plate
  • 6" - 150mm Suits 5" Backing Plate
  • 7" - 180mm Suits 6" Backing Plate