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Shine Supply Classic Cut Compound

A cutting compound that suits a variety of paint systems, and gives REAL results.

Shine Supply Classic Cut is a highly effective compound that contains no fillers, and gives real results. It will remove moderate-heavy paint defects with ease, and reveal that shiny, wet look that everyone is chasing.

Classic Cut contains diminishing abrasives, which means the first few passes with the compound is very aggressive - but as you keep working in the product, the abrasives become finer and finer and leave a much better finish compared to other heavy cutting compounds.

If you are after a high-performance, efficient cutting compound that doesn't contain fillers, Classic Cut is perfect for you.


  • No Fillers, silicone/wax free
  • Low dusting formula
  • Effortless wipe off
  • Works fantastic on DA machines
  • Removes moderate-heavy defects with ease