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Save time, save water.

Shine Supply Eco Shine is a unique waterless wash that removes dust/grime from paintwork effortlessly. 

Eco Shine is loaded with innovative emulsifiers and lubricants that loosen and lift debris off of your paint quickly and safely. Eco Shine is also full of advanced polymers that leave your vehicle looking super glossy and fresh after each use.

Experience the ease and results of new technology. You will never look at washing your vehicle as a chore again.



Waterless Wash Method

  • Mix up a 1L spray bottle with 60-80mL of Eco Shine and then add water to the fill line.
  • Generously spray each panel to be cleaned and wipe using one pass with a microfiber towel.
  • After each pass flip the towel to a clean section. This ensures the removed grime is NEVER coming back in contact with the paint. After all surfaces of the current towel are saturated grab a clean towel.
  • Use one of our green microfiber towels for the bottom 6 inches of the vehicle since this it's the dirtiest area. This will keep your nice Shine Supply signature towels in good shape.
  • Follow up with Ride Shine detail spray and a clean Shine Supply hyper-soft microfiber towel for the perfect finish.