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Shine Supply Flat Top Compound

An aggressive cutting compound, with no fillers.

Shine Supply Flat Top is a truly unique cutting compound, with a short cycle time - delivering an aggressive, efficient cutting process. This product works fantastic with any DA polisher, and can easily achieve a one-step finish on a variety of paint types.

You can achieve brilliant results with microfiber pads using this compound, and due to its dry formulation, it has a ridiculously easy wipe off. The difference with flat top is that it utilizes triple filtered agglomerates which means the abrasives have gone through a tumbling/purification process 3x's over which causes the abrasives to have extremely smooth, refined edges so as they diminish they are not marring the finish but actually refining it as a fine polish would.

This means that the cutting process is easier, quicker and more efficient than ever before. Available in a 473mL or a 3.78L bottle.


  • Very easy wipe off
  • Finishes down to an incredible gloss (can even one-step some paint systems)
  • Very high level of cut
  • Extremely efficient and versatile