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Shine Supply Ignition

Ignite Your Cleaning power!

Ignition is a revolutionary waterless wash spray detailer that is infused with silica. It is highly effective in eliminating light dust and grime from your vehicle's exterior surfaces, while leaving behind a glossy finish that is simply breathtaking.

This amazing formula not only cleans your vehicle but also provides SiO2 technology that offers excellent protection to the surface. It can be used as a stand-alone protection solution or to enhance the protection of a current ceramic coated vehicle. This versatile product can be used on various surfaces such as paint, glass, and wheels. With Ignition, you can enjoy a one-stop-shop detailing solution that is simply unparalleled.

  • Streak-free formula.
  • Advanced silica nano technology
  • Leaves surface extremely slick and shiny.
  • Exclusive surfactants and emulsifiers cut through dust and grime.
  • Works on paint, glass & chrome.
  • Excellent for ceramic coated OR non-coated vehicles.