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Poorboy's Super Slick n' Wax

If you’ve used Poorboys Super Slick & Suds, you’re familiar with its ample lubrication and rich foam. Imagine that plus wax for added protection and gloss. That’s the winning combination you’ll find in Poorboys Super Slick & Wax.

This limited edition formula is available only while supplies last this winter. It’s perfect for winter detailing because it allows you to get the most benefit out of each wash. Not only will your vehicle be clean and shiny, your paint protection will get a much-needed boost.

Unlike harsh shampoos that can strip wax, Poorboys Super Slick & Wax preserves it and even adds to it! This gentle car shampoo loosens and lubricates road salt, dirt, and debris without removing the existing paint protection. The touch of wax it leaves behind enhances the gloss and adds just a touch of additional protection.

You could compare it to using a spray wax after washing. But Poorboys Super Slick & Wax combines those two steps into one step that is beneficial for your vehicle and quick for you.

Remember, just like your favorite winter lager, Poorboys Super Slick & Wax is only available while supplies last. Get the most out of winter detailing with a car wash plus wax in one. Poorboys Super Slick & Wax is your favorite Poorboys shampoo plus a touch of wax for enhanced shine and wax durability.