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Waxit Compound Kit

A fantastic valued Kit that will tool you with 3 compounds perfect at tackling any type of defect on all paint systems.

The Waxit Compound Kit brings you innovative DAT (diminishing abrasive technology) compounds that will allow you to tackle any type of paint defect, on all paint systems. Not only will you be able to remove all defects you are faced with, but you will be able to transform a vehicles paintwork, creating immense gloss and enhanced aesthetics.

CarPro UltraCut is an aggressive cut compound for cured paints that offers quick removal of heavy defects such as oxidation, swirl marks, bird etchings and deep scratches, all while being able to finish down to a high gloss. With a long working time and low dusting formula, UltraCut is a perfect match for intensive paint corrections for both the professional detailer, hobbyist, or panel industry professional.

Scholl Concepts S20 Black is an update on the original S20 that keeps the same cut, finish and work time but provides a much easier wipe off of the product at the end of the polishing run. S20 contains no fillers or bulking agents in order to mask defects, it is a true one step solution that will surprise you with it's ability to quickly remove defects and leave a refined polished surface in one step.

NV Finesse is a quality fine finishing polish that is also capable of removing very light marring and holograms from modern paint finishes, and will leave an intense gloss and haze free finish.

Key Benefits

  • Tooled to combat any paint defect
  • Can work on all paint systems
  • Minimal dusting and easy wipe off for all compounds
  • Capable of removing heavy defects
  • Can finish to an incredible gloss

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