• Concours Maintenance Pack

Concours Maintenance Pack

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The Concours Maintenance Pack has been specifically designed to allow for effortless care of your vehicle, without compromising on quality.

Concours is constantly looking to innovate and bring the utmost quality, in its simplest form. The Concours Maintenance Pack will allow you to safely, and effectively clean your vehicle with premium microfiber technology to wash, and dry your vehicle.

Concours SNOW brings a powerful yet safe pH neutral cleaning solution to your vehicle, providing incredible lubrication to ensure easy, simple and safe washing. In combination with Concours CASCADE, your car will be cleaned effortlessly, with minimal user fatigue.

The Tempest Drying towel then allows your car to be dried with ease. Ultra-absorbent microfiber technology will allow you to rapidly dry your car, drastically reducing any chances of scratching or marring the paint - all without the need to wring the cloth out.

Nova Jet then enhances your finish, greatly increasing the gloss on the surface, and creating a self-cleaning effect on the car, giving insane water-repellency, and keeping contaminants away. 

With this maintenance pack, not only will cleaning your car be fast, effective and safe, but your car will stay cleaner for longer thanks to Nova Jet.