Since 2009, CarPro has been revolutionizing the detailing industry by developing an extensive lineup of premium detailing products. With their in-house engineered ceramic coatings, CarPro consistently set new standards in nanotechnology performance.

CARPRO is leading the way in nanotechnology advancements, continually bringing ground breaking products and concepts to the wider audience.

Benefits of an Authorised Installer

Here at Waxit, we do professional programs differently. We are all about creating partnerships with businesses that align with our brands and have a variety of benefits to offer, such as high performance products, marketing material/opportunities, training, custom re-selling, exclusivity & more.

See some of the benefits below!

CarPro Authorised Products

CarPro have 4 main certified products that make up our CarPro professional program. These products have been tested, proven & are industry leading, with exceptional levels of performance, durability, protection & more.

See below for more insight into the Authorised Ceramic Range!

Benefits of Authorised Coatings?


Exceptional Protection

Provide a durable layer of protection


Long-Lasting Protection

Provides Protection for 3 Years Minimum


Enhanced Appearance

Enhance the Overall Appearance


Easy Maintenance

Makes washing faster and and more efficient

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