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AutoGlym Paint Renovator

For use on scratches, stubborn scuffs, and heavily oxidized or faded paintwork to give you a surface ready for polishing

Even the most careful owner picks up the odd scratch and scrapes from time to time. Usually, you can remove/fill these spots with a polish or glaze to restore the finish. If this doesn't, however, get rid of some stubborn marks/scratches then you can use Paint Renovator.

Auto Glym Paint Renovator is a powerful spot remover that is not an all-over polish; it should only be used on isolated marks and specific areas of paintwork damage. It is suitable for hand use only and should not be applied by a machine. Avoid applying to unlacquered metallic paint which may ‘shade’.

Pro Tip: If your scratch is so deep that metal or grey primer can be seen you_x0092_ are going to need to repair that by repainting the area or further damage could occur, such as rust or further loss of paint. Paint Renovator is silicone-free and will not interfere with repainting.

Available in 325mL.


  • Test on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Shake well and apply to a cool, clean, dry surface with a soft cotton cloth using strokes parallel to the scratch. Increase the pressure to remove specific scratches or stains. Decrease pressure to improve surface gloss. Check repair progress regularly.
  • Remove residue with a clean cloth. Finally, polish with Super Resin Polish to maximise gloss, preserve the surface and remove any remaining marks.