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CarPro ImmoGel | PPF Positioning Gel

CarPro Immogel is a dedicated PPF Lubricant designed to make the installation of CarPro Immortal effortless and as easy as possible.

CarPro Immortal ImmoGel is a specialized lubricant designed specifically for use with paint protection film (PPF) adhesive. When diluted and applied to the adhesive, its high viscosity helps to evenly distribute moisture, making it easier to position and smooth the film with minimal risk of haze or spots after application.


  • High Viscosity for easier application
  • Quick evaporation
  • Concentrate for flexible dilutions


  1. Dilute ImmoGel 1:100 with water in a spray nozzle bottle.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Spray liberally over both the PPF and installation surface.
  4. Proceed with installation.