CarPro Iron X Paste 150ml



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Yet another innovation from the wizards at CarPro. Iron X Paste is a powerful iron filling remover that is effective against even the toughest and most stubborn stains on wheel surfaces. 


Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous (iron-containing) particles penetrate automotive paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into the paint's sub layers. Detailing clay removes the particles but it doesn't remove their effects - corrosion may already be creeping under the paint's surface.

Iron X Paste opens up the paint's pores to release iron particles and to neutralize the caustic compounds that have developed as a result of the particle. In one step, you can eliminate the cause and its effects. Put an immediate stop to paint damage before it's too late.


  • Do not let Iron X paste dry
  • Avoid use in direct sunlight 
  • Do not use on brake callipers, chrome, bare metal parts, wheel balancing weights or touch up repairs. 


  1. Apply Iron X Paste to the contaminated area
  2. Wait 5-6 minutes for a full reaction 
  3. Thoroughly rinse 
  4. Wipe clean with microfiber towel



Includes a non metal spring spray head specifically designed for use with IRON X

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