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Economax Grit Guard

A new tool to make bucket washing safer. Trap dirt at the bottom of your bucket, away from your wash mitt!

The new Economax Grit Traps are specialised washing bucket inserts that sit at the bottom of your bucket.

As you're washing, dirt & grime settles on the bottom of your bucket. As you put your wash mitt back into the bucket and swirl the water around, this disturbs the settled dirt and fills the water again with grime. This dirt will likely get into your wash mitt, and can then be dragged across your car, increasing the chances of wash marring.

Incorporating an Economax Grit Trap into your bucket wash however, creates a barrier to stop your mitt from touching the settled dirt at the bottom of the bucket. This keeps your wash/rinse buckets cleaner, and drastically reduces the chance of dirt/grime filling up your wash mitt.

Make your washing process much safer today with Grit Traps!