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NexDiag PTG Pro Carbon Paint Thickness Gauge
The most Advanced PTG on the market now available!

NexDiag PTG is a professional car paint thickness gauge, effective in operation and easy to use, which allows you to make quick and, most importantly, precise measurements. The NexDiag PTG meter enables testing of steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces.

It's important to note that the varnish sensor can detect the substrate being tested automatically. Our paint thickness gauge also features additional cutting-edge features that make it easier and more efficient for the user to inspect vehicles.

The NexDiag PTG Carbon Professional is the most advanced model of the gauge, allowing you to make precise measurements including on curved surfaces.

By utilizing a movable head and a specialized probe housing, the device has effectively eliminated the impact of vibrations on readings taken from convex or concave internal and external elements of a vehicle. The combination of the gauge and a smartphone offers the user unprecedented possibilities compared to what traditional gauges can provide.

The App function allows you to scan the VIN number using the smartphone’s built-in camera. The function is available in the report tab – vehicle data.

In addition, the smart NexDiag PTG application will accurately indicate the sensitive points of your vehicle, so you will not miss any place that is interfered with most often.

  • Suggested measurement points
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Export of measurement history
  • Creation of reports

This is the most modern device of its kind on the market.

Range of measurement 0 - 3000 μm (0 - 118.11 mils) 0 - 2500 μm (0 - 98,43 mils)
Measurement resolution 1 μm (0,04 mils) 1 μm (0,04 mils)
Type of probe / Probe ending Movable / Spherical Movable / Spherical
Probe housing Profiled Profiled
Curve measurement Yes Yes
Measurement memory Up to 8000* Up to 4000*
Substrate recognition Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminium Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminium
Substrate testing Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminium Steel, Galvanized Steel**, Aluminium
Zinc detection ** Up to 1000 μm Up to 800 μm
Lacquer Coating Analysis System - SAPL Extended ver. 2 Extended
* after performing the indicated measurements, the next ones will be saved in the place of the oldest saved results
** recognition of galvanized steel - beta version, recognition in the range of 0-1000 μm