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Nv BOOST V2 | Enhanced Quick Detailer

The new and improved formula designed with more slickness, enhanced gloss and superior protection!

Nv Boost V2 is the new revolutionary quick detailer that rejuvenates the paintwork with exceptional levels of gloss, water behaviour, and slickness - while adding additional levels of protection.

V2 goes beyond the standard Nv BOOST, still being an easy-to-use Quick Detailer but providing far superior performance in terms of gloss, slickness, protection and beading! BOOST V2 is the perfect product to use in-between washes, so your coated vehicle looks and performs its best all year round.

The added benefits of the V2 formula allows BOOST to perform much better as a standalone product as well, now offering superb performance by itself, similar to how Nv Jet would perform after a single application. Just spray Boost on, wipe it into the surface with a nice microfiber cloth, and then buff off the excess with a clean side or separate cloth.

NV Boost V2 will instil a layer of hydrophobic protection that can last anywhere between 3-6 months depending on driving/storage/paintwork conditions and has fantastic chemical resistance. Early testing of Boost v2 showed great resistance against alkaline based chemicals and performed well even after multiple attempts to degrade the layer of Boost V2.

Boost V2 is available in 500ml and 1L.


  • Fantastic Gloss and Slickness
  • Very easy Application
  • Great durability and hydrophobic behaviour
  • 3-6 months protection