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Poorboy's Black Hole

Poorboys World
Black Hole Show Car Glaze

Poorboys Black Hole - Show Car Glaze is a non abrasive glaze to temporarily hide slight imperfections in the paint such as marring or light swirls and increase the gloss and wetness of paint especially on dark metalics and solid colours. Red, Blue, Charcol and Black metaillic colours sparkle in a deep wet glow, while solid Red, Blue, Yellow, Black take on a depth of colour that has to be seen to be believed.

Most of us use our cars on a daily basis. With most of our cars having original paint from the factory which is very thin compared to a custom respray. Using a product like Poorboys Black Hole can hide minor imperfections and can increase the time between paint corrections. If you have a ceramic coating on your car, you apply Poorboys Black Hole over the top and layer a wax to increase the depth and wetness in your finish. As it's non abrasive you can use it time and time again.

Poorboys Black Hole can be used by hand or random orbital polisher on a soft pad. When using a random orbital, use a low speed, working the product with little to no pressure until a shine begins to appear. Take your time, and when your done polishing, all the product to haze as this will help fill any imperfections. Now wipe of any excess with a high quality Microfibre Cloth such as an Aquatouch Super Soft or Ultra Soft Cloth.
Poorboys Black Hole can be topped with a Wax for deep wet look, but for added protection for that daily driver, apply a coat of Poorboys EX or EX-P sealant before a wax. Poorboys EX and EX-P Sealant have been designed to bond over Poorboys Black Hole unlike many other sealants that must bond directly to the paint surface.

Poorboys Black Hole makes it easy to keep your car in show car condition all year round.