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Poorboy's EX-P Sealant
Poorboy's World
EX-P Sealant

Polymer Sealant

Protection, durability and a beautiful finish wrapped into one!

When you think "wax"_x009d_ do you imagine hours of drudgery with a smelly, hard-to-manipulate paste that is a struggle to remove? No more! Forget all about that stereotype. The modern alternative (and a good one at that) to traditional waxes are synthetic paint sealants, formulated for people on the go: On easier, buff off easier, last two or three times as long, and withstand higher temperatures without compromising durability.

They make caring for your car properly a breeze. The secret is out! Poorboy's EX-P paint sealant is quickly building a great reputation for itself based on word-of-mouth by professional detailers, auto enthusiasts and show car competitors everywhere! It spreads on with ease, buffs off with little effort, and, whoa! stand back! What a shine! EX-P is a pure sealant; an amino functional resin. Puzzled? That, in laymans terms, means that additional layers can be applied to achieve even greater glimmer and shimmer.

It also means that EX-P plays well with other products car buffs use it as a topper over traditional waxes and sealants to further enhance the surface.

Poorboy's EXP goes a long way! Just one coat of this magical lotion is all you need to protect your car's finish for three to six months, and, the look it achieves is nothing short of phenomenal! A gorgeous shimmer that gives you the feel of gazing into a deep pool of color.

The guys at Poorboy's set out to formulate a unique paint sealant when they made EX-P, one that yielded such fantastic results with minimum experience and effort, that even a first-timer would experience 100% success! Best of all, Poorboy's EX-P is a steal! You're sure to agree after you experience the results that EX-P delivers! For best results, apply to the entire car and then wait for 30 minutes to an hour before buffing off.