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Poorboy's EX Sealant
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EX Sealant

Paint Protection Sealant

Seal in the beauty, block out the rest! After a good polish, your car's paint or clear coat needs to be protected against the ravishing effects of the sun, acid rain, oxidation and other threats to its vivid, rich color. Give it long-lasting protection and a deep, wet-looking gloss at the same time.

Poorboy's EX Sealant is a superior product for keeping up the car's beauty and its showroom finish for years. Car buffs have perpetuated an on-going debate over the best protection for the paint, a synthetic paint sealant or a natural wax. Each has their favorable attributes. Paint sealants are more durable, but waxes, especially Carnaubas, give the best visual results. So why not do both? Many car enthusiasts do layer them, but this is time consuming, requires a little bit of knowledge about the bonding properties of different products, and requires you to buy two products rather than one.

Well, Poorboy's has hurdled all of these obstacles in one bottle. EX Sealant is a one-shot paint sealant and wax, giving you the best of both worlds. It's easy to use, but the fruits of your labor will be the emergence of an opulent and beautifully glossy vehicle. Best of all, the product will bond to the surface for about six months (this varies depending on climate, whether the car is garage-kept or not, and other factors), offering complete protection from the elements. Poorboy's Ex Sealant is famous for its ease of application.

Beginners and experts alike will be thrilled with the outcome. Using a buffer or polisher will only enhance the experience, making application quicker, easier, and even more successful. EX Sealant is even formulated for successful use in the sun. (Most products require shade for proper results.) EX Sealant is an amino functional carnauba, which, put simply, means it's formulated to be open to bonding with other products (layers).

Detailers everywhere are excited about the exceptional results achieved when pairing Ex Sealant with other waxes or sealants. Of course, this is not necessary for the average person who just wants to protect and enhance their vehicle's finish, but serious car lovers do stuff like that for fun!