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Poorboy's Polish with Sealant
Poorboys World, Polish with Sealant

Poorboys Polish with Sealant
gives you the protection and polishing power of a premium all-in-one product without the tough buffing or the price. Remove minor paint imperfections, enhance gloss, and apply a durable layer of polymer protection in the time it takes to apply a coat of wax.

Poorboys Polish with Sealant works like all-in-one products you've used before but better and more easily. PWS removes fine scratches, swirls, and haze when used with a polisher like the very best polish. Meanwhile, it leaves a layer of durable sealant on the paint. Poorboys Polish with Sealant wipes on and off with unbelievable ease and the shine it leaves behind is on the same level as Poorboys EX-P. Poorboys Polish With Sealant is a pleasure to use, not just because its easy, but because it gives excellent results. Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a light swirl remover and polish when applied by machine. Swirls, fine scratches, and haze will disappear to reveal clean, smooth paint.

Used by hand, Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a glaze, removing lighter imperfections and enhancing gloss. Poorboys Polish with Sealant buffs off with very little effort and leaves behind a deep shine and long-lasting synthetic protection. If you prefer, top Poorboys PWS with a carnauba wax. There's no need to let the sealant cure before applying wax on top of it.

Since Poorboys Polish with Sealant is a polish and sealant in one, we suggest using a polishing pad to apply it with your buffing machine. The pad has enough density to assist with smoothing the paint but no real cutting ability.