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Spray & Wipe
Waterless Wash & Quick Detailer

Spray & Wipe is a waterless car wash & Quick Detailer, you can use as a quick 15 minute solution for your dirty vehicle. If you have dust or road spray, simply wash with Spray & Wipe without dragging out a bucket or hose.

Just spray on and wipe clean.

Does not contain any wax or abrasives.

Spray a light mist onto a damp microfibre towel and then wipe the panel you wish to clean (too much product will smear, less is best) Using a dry Large Microfibre Towel wipe lightly back and forth, no circles, no rubbing, turn cloth as it gets damp or dirty. For windows use a clean cloth. For wheels use an old soft cloth. Finish the car by using Poorboys Spray and Gloss quick detail spray