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ProPulse 1/4" Uberflex Hose Adapter Kit

Propulse hose adapter kits

Fitting up a new upgraded hose doesn't have to be confusing and difficult. We understand that there can be a lot of adapters to choose from on the market, and our Hose fitting Kits are aimed at making this a lot easier, to take out the guess work and getting you connected quicker!

If you have any doubts, either email us with your pressure washer information or give us a call!


Hose Kits:

  • Karcher K Hose Fitting Kit
    • 2x Karcher K Male Adapters
  • Gerni/Stihl Hose Fitting Kit
    • M21-M22 Hose Fitting, Gerni Male Adapter; Or
    • 2x Gerni Male Adapters
  • Bosch/AR Hose Fitting Kit
    • Bosch Female Quick Connect Adapter, Bosch Male Quick Connect Adapter
    • 2x Bosch Male Quick Connect Adapter
  • Karcher HD
    • EasyForce Models - 2x Karcher HD Easyforce Female to M22 14mm adapter
    • 2x M22 15mm Female - M22 14mm Adapters
  • Ryobi
    • Models with a female connector at both ends; 2x Ryobi Male Quick Connect adapters
    • Models with Male from the machine; 1x Male Adapter, 1x Female adapter and hose joiner.