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Rupes Bigfoot Grey UHS Foam Pad

The Rupes BigFoot Grey UHS Easy Gloss Foam Pads have been specifically designed to work with dual-action polishers and are perhaps the greatest one-step pad on medium to hard paint types.

Rupes grey foam pads contain perhaps the greatest amount of both cutting and finishing abilities within a single pad. They were primarily developed to be a quick cut-and-polish pad on high-solid or hard paint types, but since their release, detailers around the world quickly discovered that they can produce exceptional results on various paint types.

With the ability to easily remove 2500-3000 grit sanding marks as well as tackle light to moderate automotive paint defects, these super firm pads do seem very aggressive at first glance, but after using them on most paint types, you will quickly notice just how well they can finish to a brilliant shine.

For more aggressive pads in the Rupes range where greater cutting or levelling abilities are required, the Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pads and Rupes Green Medium Foam Pads do offer an increased defect-removal ability.


Pad Size (mm) Pad Size (Inches) Suitable Machines
40mm 1.5"
Nano w/ 30mm backing plate
70mm 2.5" Nano w/ 50mm backing plate
100mm 4" LHR75E, LHR75
150mm 6"
180mm 7" LHR21II, LHR21ES