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Rupes Diamond Ultra-Fine Polish

Rupes BigFoot Diamond Ultra-Fine Polish is a super-fine car polish specifically designed to work at optimal levels when used with dual-action polishers and has the ability to remove minor automotive paint imperfections and amplify levels of gloss and clarity previously unheard of.

Rupes Diamond polish is colour coded in white for easy distinction which represents Rupes ultra-fine paint correction polishes and pads. Diamond polish is an extremely fine high-gloss polish able to remove light paint imperfection yet still finish down to amazing levels of shine and clarity when paired with the Rupes White Ultra-Fine Foam Pad.

This combination also works exceptionally well for lightly jewelling the paint especially when used with the Rupes Duetto LHR12E dual-action polisher to extract and unlock the maximum possible gloss and depth of shine in the paint’s finish.

Diamond Ultra-Fine Polish can render amazing results on various paint types but excels on softer to medium paints where a finer polish is required to finish flawlessly. It also provides one of the easiest and most rewarding user experiences of any polish on the market which makes it a pure joy to use.