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Rupes Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pad

The Rupes BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pads have been specifically designed to work with single-action, high-speed rotary polishers and are capable of removing moderate to light paint defects, whilst finishing to a high-gloss.

With a straight but rounded edge, these yellow foam pads have been tuned and tested to work exceptionally well with rotary polishers such as the Rupes LH19E providing greater control, less user fatigue and increased performance and results.

The Rupes Yellow Fine Foam Pads have truly become the choice polishing pad of detailers around the globe for their fantastic durability, super smooth and well-balanced rotation, and most of all, for their ability to deliver exceptional results time and time again.

These pads are exceptional on most paint types and when used with a finishing compound such as Rupes Rotary Fine Compound, they can, in most cases, eliminate moderate to lighter paint defects such as swirls, holograms and compound marring caused by more aggressive pads and compounds.

If the paint only requires a lighter polish or if you need to remove some haze and dullness in the finish, the Rupes Yellow Fine Foam Pads will not only eliminate those defects, but also restore the paint to a brilliant, high shine. If you only ever want one of the Rupes foam pads, this is truly the one to have that will be sure to impress even the fussiest of all detailers and enthusiasts alike.

For more aggressive pads where greater cutting or levelling abilities are required whilst working with a rotary polisher, the Rupes Rotary Coarse Blue Foam Pads and Rupes Coarse Wool Pads do offer an increased defect-removal ability.


Pad Size (mm) Pad Size (inches) Suitable Machines
135mm 5.25" LH19E w/ 125mm BP
160mm 6.25" LH19E w/ 150mm BP
180mm 7" LH19E w/ 165mm BP