Scholl Concepts S30+ Nano Finishing Compound - 250ml/1L/5L

Scholl Concepts


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Scholl S30+ is a fine finishing polish that is also capable of removing very light marring and holograms from modern paint finishes. Ideally suited for use on brand new cars or as a final step before waxing or sealing, S30+ will leave an intense gloss and haze free finish. 


When paired with a Scholl Orange Finishing Pad you can expect optimal results from your polishing run with S30+ on most paint finishes. For an even deeper shine on softer paint systems you can use an even softer pad such as the Scholl Black Waffle Fine pad

If you are using S30+ to prepare a brand new car for waxing or sealing then using a Purple Spider Intermediate pad or Purple Light Cutting pad is suggested. 


  • Ability to remove light defects 
  • Finishes down to a haze free gloss 
  • Easy Wipe Off 
  • Ideal for both soft and hard paints 

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