Shine Mate - Red Foam Finishing Pad (4"/6"/7")

Shine Mate


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Shine Mate (Flat) Red Finishing Pad

Soft density open cell professional grade foam ideal for light defect removal on hard clear coat systems and moderate defect removal on soft clear coat systems while providing a high gloss finish in a single step. Designed for both Rotary and Dual Action applications the shine mate flat pad series offer a unique convex pad shape that is ideal for use on big throw machines, especially in convex and concave areas of panel surfaces where a uniform cut is required even where even pressure cannot be maintained. 

Extremely durable and easy to maintain, these pads are suited to a range of compound technologies be they SMAT, Nano or DAT, including but not limited to Scholl S30, Scholl S40 and Carpro Reflect. 

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