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Z-030 Tornador MAX

The Tornador MAX Interior Cleaning Tool is an upgraded version of the Tornador Black that contains heavier duty components and is much more powerful.

The Tornador MAX Z-030 helps you send a powerful blast of air and your favorite cleaning solution to clean the interior and exterior of virtually any vehicle. The Z-030 works directly with your air compressor, so if you do not have a hose or have limited water access, the Tornador is super handy and versatile. Dilute your cleaning solution to your desired ratio, pour it into the bottle, and flip the unit on. The cone shaped nozzle on all Tornador products create that patented tornado cleaning action, spraying the cleaning solution onto the soiled areas.
The MAX works on all of the same areas that the Z-020 works on (dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, carpet and upholstery cleaning, between seats, tight areas that are hard to reach, wheels, emblems, fabric tops, etc.), but adds some impressive improvements to the unit overall.
You will need a compressor that can run a minimum of 60 psi continuously. 

New Features:

  • New Patented Spring Rotate Set for more Cleaning Power - The rotate set is now equipped with a patented spring technology, which increases the torque and intensifies the cleaning power. Thanks to the spring technology the cleaning time is reduced and efficiency is greatly increased.
  • Built-in Air Regulator - The new Tornador Max has a built-in air regulator allowing for precise control of the air pressure.
  • Swivel Air Inlet - Tornador added a swivel air inlet for more flexibility and the ability to set your Tornador Max flat onto surfaces while being plugged into air. The newly designed air inlet will not get in the way.
  • An Anti-Slip Mat on the Jar - Allows the Tornador Max to stand flat even when connected to an air hose which results in minimized spills and falls.
  • LED Tactical Light - The Tornador Max comes with a LED tactical light to illuminate dark areas without having to incorporate bulky lights.

  • Newly Designed Ergonomic Handle & Trigger. The Tornador MAX provides the user more comfort and control.

Please note that Waxit Car Care is the exclusive distributor of Tornador products in Australia. Be mindful of other companies imitating genuine Tornador products.