• Waxit Paint Protection Kit

Waxit Paint Protection Kit

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An easy-to-use kit that makes preparation easy, whilst providing durable protection with amazing water-beading effects. 

Our new Waxit Paint Protection Kit features a new way to get your car looking its best, easily & quickly.

Many car enthusiasts today use waxes, sealants or coatings to enhance their vehicle and provide protection. Unfortunately, to get the most out of these products, you need to make sure you prep the paint properly with products such as iron removers & clay bars. 

This process can often take a long time, adding easily another 2-4 hours on top of the washing stage when doing this properly, and can also set you back quite a bit in product cost.

This is where the new Waxit Paint Protection Kit comes in, and provides an easy solution to both preparing your paintwork, and protecting it!

Our new kit features a new unique preparation process where instead of using techniques like clay baring, we basically just wash the car twice with specialised washing products.

This cuts our prep time to just under an hour, all while achieving crazy levels of gloss, durable protection & insane water-beading properties - without breaking the bank.

We achieve this by using the Nv SNOW+ wash which focuses on safely removing embedded contamination, oils, dirt and grime that usually don’t come off with a standard pH neutral wash - and our CarPro Descale Shampoo that specifically targets limescale & mineral water spots on the paint surface. 

But the star of the show is the Nv JET. This super easy to use, ultra-hydrophobic spray coating enhances your paintwork with glass like gloss & crazy water-beading protection for months. This not only keeps your car cleaner for longer, but makes further maintenance washing so much easier.

If you are looking for a really easy & simple way to get long-lasting protection quickly at a great price - then this is the kit for you!





  1. Start by rinsing down the car, and getting your washing products ready. We recommend a Two Bucket Wash Method for the best results, using something like our Waxit Grit Guard Wash System).
  2. We also recommend using Microfiber Washing Accessories to increase the safety of your wash. Something like our Washing Microfiber Kit has you covered. 
  3. Wash the car with Nv SNOW+, adding a few capfuls of wash into your wash bucket.
  4. Once the car has been washed with SNOW+, empty out your washing bucket and get the CarPro descale ready.
  5. Add in a few capfuls of CarPro Descale and wash your car again, same as before.
  6. Dry the vehicle
  7. Apply CarPro Eraser over the paintwork to make sure any leftover residue/oils has been removed
  8. Apply your Nova Jet to the vehicle using a simple spray & wipe application