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Waxit Wash Kit

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A super simple way to upgrade your wash process - making it easier, quicker, safer & more effective!

Our New Waxit Wash Kit is a beginner-friendly kit that utilises the latest washing products & microfiber technology to make washing your car so much simpler, safer & easier. 

A lot of car enthusiasts today often rely on older sponges & chamois' to wash their vehicles. Although they are usually great at absorbing & spreading your wash, you are essentially dragging dirt and grime across the surface of your vehicle - potentially creating swirls and scratches in the paint.

This is where our new kit comes in, and really enhances the wash process, making it so much safer. We utilise a new, Korean microfiber Wash Mitt called the CLOUDBURST that not holds more suds providing much better lubrication, but also traps dirt/grime and holds this deep within its fibres. This means no dirt is being dragged along the vehicle - and wash swirls are avoided!

When looking specifically at the drying stage, this is typically the riskiest time for scratches as there are no lubricants left on the surface. The design of an older chamois can again drag any missed/dirt or residue over the surface, increasing the risk of swirls and scratches. 

Again, utilising our high quality microfiber, SUPERCELL drying towel which minimises any chance of swirling the paint, along with providing exceptional water absorbency which provides a lot of slip on the paintwork. 

To compliment our high quality microfiber wash mitt and drying towel, our Nv SNOW pH neutral wash provides a perfectly balanced wash concentrate with extreme lubrication, excellent cleaning power - all while being safe to use on any wax, sealant or coating.

This kit is best used with a Two Bucket Wash Method, utilising something like our Waxit Grit Guard Wash System.

If you are looking for an easy & simple washing kit, then this is the kit for you!



Key Benefits

  • Safe, quality PH Neutral Wash 
  • Enriched Wash Solution to help lubricate the surface of the vehicle, to promote easier, and safer washing
  • Microfiber Technology to eliminate chances of marring and damaging the paintwork throughout the wash process
  • Ultra Absorbent Drying Towel to promote faster, safer and easier drying