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Aquatouch Arctic Electric Foamer

Make Snow Foaming quick and easy with the Aquatouch Arctic Foamer!

The New Lithium powered Sprayer and Foamer from Aquatouch will help you get your vehicle clean without the need of garden hoses and pressure washers. This Lithium powered Foamer also doubles up as a sprayer with interchangeable nozzles and can be used to spray other suitable chemicals like some wheel cleaners and all purpose cleaners.

The Aquatouch Arctic Lithium Foamer is also perfect for the enthusiast living in the city or an apartment where owning a pressure washer just isn't in the conversation. This will help get you back into a clean vehicle in no time.

This can also be a popular option for PPF and Window tinting to reduce fatigue from pumping spray bottles all day. Change the nozzle over to the sprayer type and you'll be able to effortlessly spray liquids without the need of hand pumping every time.

We have found that using more diluted ratios in this foamer will perform the best, which also means you get more washes out of your snow foam.


  • 1.8L Cannister
  • 60 Minutes Battery Life
  • 2 Hour Charge (9v) / 5.5 Hours Charge (5v)
  • 2.5 Bar Max Working Pressure
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Nv Snow - 1:32-1:45
  • CarPro Lift - 1:30-1:40
  • CarPro Reset - 1:30-140
  • Nv Snow+ - 1:30-1:40
  • Shine Supply Shift - 1:40-1:50

The are only recommendations from us. You can play around with dilutions as you wish as you may find different rations will suit different needs.

Not recommended for use with Wash & Wax/Wash & Protect type products such as CarPro Hydrofoam as it can cause the internals to clog and is extremely hard to clean. Sprayers that fail because of this are not covered under warranty. Do not store liquids in bottle when not in use for prolonged periods of time as this can also cause blockages.