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CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Pad - 3000 grit 135mm

Innovative new pads that allow you to substantially reduce orange peel without the need for sanding.

The CarPro Velvet Orange Peel Removal pads allow you to reduce the orange peel in the paintwork without the need for excessive sanding. This reduces the amount of work involved, and can greatly speed up the process.

Sanding also can take its toll on the paintwork, leaving an array of marks/defects that need to be further polished out with more steps.

CarPro Velvet pads eliminate the headaches involved in removing peel, and gets you closer to that true Mirror Finish easily.

Works on any type of machine, however most effective on Rotary machines. For 2000 grit variant, check out the CarPro Denim Pad.

Note: These pads are quite aggressive and can be deceiving. DO NOT use pressure and check the temperature of the paint frequently. The use of a paint gauge is highly recommended.

Key Features

  • Lighten and Remove Orange Peel and deep defects Equivalent to 3000 grit sandpaper without the dulling of paint and sanding haze
  • Remove Orange Peel without sanding
  • Orange peel removal without the haze generated by sanding


  • Attach to hook & loop backing plate on a Rotary polisher for best results
  • Prime pad with CarPro Clearcut, or appropriate cutting compound
  • Apply a few drops to paint or pad according
  • Work a 50x50cm section
  • Begin working polish on low speed for a pass or so. Step up speed to approx. 1200 rpm (adjust as needed)
  • Apply more polish if needed or a spray of water on pad to re-activate lubricants
  • When satisfied with orange peel and defect removal slow speed, ending at 600 rpm as you finish down the polish
  • Refine finish with a foam pad or microfiber pad and polish