• Waxit Hand Polishing Kit

Waxit Hand Polishing Kit

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A simple & effective kit to polish your car by hand, removing light imperfections and creating a fantastic gloss. 

Our new Waxit Hand Polishing Kit is a simple, yet effective way to polish your car by hand. 

Featuring CarPro Essence, you can easily remove some light-medium defects in all paint systems, fill in some minor swirls/haze, and unlock a beautiful, deep gloss in paintwork - with an added slight darkening effect as well. 

Utilsing a primer based polish like CarPro Essence, means that after you have finished your hand polishing stage, the surface is primed and ready to go for your favourite spray coating, wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

Paired with our Lake Country Hand Applicator, hand polishing has never been easier. Simply apply few pea sized drops of Essence on the applicator, use moderate to heavy pressure and you can remove light-medium defects - and unlock some great levels of gloss!

If you want to improve the paintwork on your car without a machine, then this is the kit for you! 



  • CarPro Essence 250mL
  • Lake Country Orange Hand Applicator
  • 4SEASONS Orange Cloth
  • Breeze Orange Cloth



  1. Apply 4-6 pea sized drops of CarPro Essence onto the Lake Country Hand Applicator to prime it.
  2. Rub the product in the paintwork in a 50cm x 50cm area, using moderate to heavy pressure
  3. After the pad has been primed, and you are moving onto another area you will only need 3-4 pea sized drops of Essence.
  4. If you are after more defect removal, use more product 
  5. If you are after less defect removal, but more gloss, use less product