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Convertible Top Cleaning & Maintenance Therapy.

POLISHANGEL ® FABRIC THERAPY Fabric & Vinyl Convertible care is our latest achievement in cleaning technology. Easily remove stains (dirt, dust, oil, grease, coffee, tea, ink, juice, wine, animal contamination) from fabric or vinyl tops. FABRIC THERAPY is very intense but gentle to the top and works by picking up the dirt and then binding it to be effortlessly washed away. POLISH ANGEL ® FABRIC THERAPY can be applied precisely and selectively and is therefore very economical. It works by cleaning and restoring colour with it's deep caring ability.
1. Mix 30ml of FABRIC THERAPY with 1litre of luke warm water
2. Apply to surface with sponge
3. Work in product with a fabric brush
4. Allow product to work into surface for 10 minutes
5. Wash away with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly
6. For heavily soiled surfaces repeat the process