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Shine Supply Cool Guy

Clean your wheels with ease.

Shine Supply Cool Guy is a powerful, yet safe wheel cleaner that is safe to use on all wheel surfaces except aftermarket anodized wheels. This will instantly be your favourite wheel cleaner with outstanding power and fantastic results.

This is an acid-free wheel cleaner, with a pH balanced formulation that dissolves brake dust and grime buildup on contact. It doesn't just clean the top surface of your wheels, it also penetrates deep into the surface and removes tough/stubborn iron deposits that aren't even visible to the human eye.

We do recommend precautions when using on powder-coated wheels. depending on the quality of the powder coating we recommend you perform a test spot to avoid any staining.

Directions and Tips:

  • Make sure your wheels are cooled off, don't apply to a hot wheel
  • Clean one wheel at a time, and NEVER let the product dry onto the wheel
  • Spray onto the wheel, and immediately use a wheel brush to agitate product if necessary.