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Ultimate Ceramic Coating Kit

Get a professional result yourself with this new ceramic coating kit! This kit is easy to use and incredibly effective. It also comes with a maintenance option!

Transform and protect your pride & joy with this new ceramic coating kit, offering breath-taking gloss, superior protection, and amazing water beading. Make your car cleaner for longer, easier to maintain, and protected from the elements for years to come.

Give your vehicle the ultimate protection with this new Ceramic Coating kit. This kit contains everything that you would need to completely wash & decontaminate your paintwork, and apply innovative glass coating protection to bring your vehicle to the next generation of car care.

Start by washing the vehicle with the powerful car wash, CarPro Reset, ridding all the dirt, and grime off the vehicle. Before drying, start applying NV PURIFY onto the paintwork, letting it slowly break down iron particles before using its slick solution to lubricate your clay to perform a clay decontamination process.

After the car has been successfully decontaminated through the use of NV PURIFY and Waxit CLAY, wash the car again with CarPro Reset to rid all impurities off the surface. Next, any hand or machine polishing that may be necessary should be performed, to rid the surface of any defects and get its surface ready to be locked in and enhanced for years to come.

After the decontamination process is complete, and any polishing stages have been undertaken, wipe the car down with CarPro Eraser, and begin to apply CarPro's CQuartz UK onto the car through the use of the supplied suede applicators and block. Level the coating as per the instructions on the CQuartz UK product page using the Purple Supersoft Microfibers, and get ready for a glossy, and protective layer to be instilled onto the paintwork!

If you select the "w/ Maintenance Kit" option, you will also get the Cascade Wash Mitt, Supercell Drying Towel, CarPro Elixir, CarPro Perl and two CP Edgeless cloths. These are great additional products to help maintain your car to keep the car looking it's best all year round/


  • High gloss finish
  • Car will stay cleaner for longer
  • Minor scratch resistance
  • Protection from all contaminants and the elements
  • Immense water-beading and contaminant resistance, ensuring washing and maintenance is effortless


Kit Contains

w/ Maintenance Kit


Note: If you don't feel confident after reading our instructions on both this product page and the CQuartz UK page, it may be a good idea to do some of your own research on CQuartz UK, watching some videos on how it is applied, and reading some different accounts and descriptions to give you a greater understanding on the process and what's involved. If you require any additional assistance on applying CQUARTZ, don't hesitate to reach out on live chat, send us an email, or give us a call!

Cloth colours can be replaced with others if there is no stock.