How to Clean your Carpet & Upholstery

How to Clean your Carpet & Upholstery

A vehicle’s interior carpet, removable car mats, fabric seats, and various other upholstered fabric inserts need to be cleaned regularly with a car seat cleaner or car upholstery cleaner to remove dust, dirt, various grime, and even staining that will accumulate over time.

Why do we need to Clean our Carpet & Upholstery? 

If left untreated these carpet and upholstery trims can quickly degrade, leading to premature wear, visual deterioration, and in some cases, creating foul or stale odours throughout the whole car interior cabin.

Cleaning and maintaining your car’s carpet and upholstery materials can be relatively simple with just a few basic items and steps implemented as part of a maintenance routine.

Starting the Cleaning Process.

Perhaps the easiest and most important step to start maintaining your carpet & upholstery is regularly vacuuming your car’s carpet and fabric seats. Periodic maintenance with a dedicated car interior seat cleaner to help remove dust, loosen dirt, and other stubborn oils and contaminants is also recommended.

The vacuuming step should be performed during every interior cleaning process, and ideally at least once or twice a month on a daily driver. 

Taking you Car & Upholstery Cleaning to the Next Level

Over time, porous materials such as carpets and fabrics will accumulate deeper embedded grime within their fibres that will require a deep cleaning process utilising a variety of products.

This is where a wet chemical cleaning process can penetrate, loosen, and remove that more stubborn grime as well as address a variety of stains or spills, especially when treated quickly with a dedicated stain remover for car seats.

For the average car owner or enthusiast, a great carpet and upholstery cleaner such as Shine Supply Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, along with a suitable and capable cleaning brush such as the Vikan Scrub Brush is a great way to get you started. Throw in a few interior microfiber cloths like the Aquatouch Champs and you’ve really got everything required to give your car seats, fabrics, carpets & upholstery a thorough and deep clean (without much of a hassle!). 

In some cases, you’ll need to repeat this process to remove greater amounts of dirt and grime, and generally speaking, it may take a few hours for the carpets and upholstery to entirely dry.

As a whole, carpets and certain fabrics tend to be amongst the most chemical resistant and non-sensitive car interior materials, especially compared to many leather and vinyl trims that can be more sensitive to cleaning. But on older or classic car vehicles and more sensitive fabrics, a cleaning pad such as the AquaTouch Junior can be a great substitute to using a more aggressive cleaning brush and can also be used to clean more sensitive leathers, vinyl, and plastics. Additionally, The AquaTouch Junior can be used as a substitute to clean all fabrics and carpets if the vehicle's interior is well and regularly maintained.

For the more serious enthusiast or professional wanting a more efficient and effective cleaning tool that is far more affordable than your average carpet extractor or steamer, the Tornador Black can be a great interior cleaning companion. Used in conjunction with an air compressor, the Tornador uses strong blown air as well as water or your choice of interior cleaners to loosen, strip and restore various carpets, fabrics and even leather, plastics, and vinyl.

There is an abundance of carpet and upholstery cleaners, tools and equipment out there and we’ve tried to make it easy with bundling all of our favourites in our Waxt Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning kit. It also has an option to add the Tornador Black for those more hardcore enthusiasts and/or professionals!

(Vikan Interior Brush Firm)

All of these products can be found in our Waxit Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit which has an option to add the Tornador Black. We also have several more options for carpet and upholstery cleaning in our range as well! 

There is an abundance of carpet and upholstery cleaners, tools, and equipment on the market today that can sometimes make the process of selecting what you need to look after your car’s interior a little daunting. We’ve tried to make easy here at Waxit with a great all-round carpet and fabric cleaner in Shine Supply Carpet, and capable safe and effective brush with the Vikan Scrub brush, excellent interior cleaning cloths with the AquaTouch Champs, and including a gentler option with the AquaTouch Junior for more sensitive surfaces. For those wanting to unlock more serious cleaning power and efficiency, the Tornador Black could be the most affordable way to get into some serious pro level cleaning.

(Aquatouch Junior 2pk)