Waxit PRO "LITE" AR Pressure Washer Warranty

Waxit PROLITE AR Pressure Washer Warranty

At Waxit, we have always tried to be as fair as possible, and stand behind everything we do. We only sell products that we really believe in, and the AR680 is no different. 

When we started this pressure washer project, the first issue we found is just how hard it was to find out exactly what each brand's warrant. There is often a big grey area when it comes to pressure washers, and it was also difficult to figure out what warranties exactly covered, and what could be classified as “wear and tear”.

Then throw in how everything's different compared to domestic, professional & commercial, and things can get very messy and confusing. 

The main conclusion we came to is that many of the big brands will replace any manufacturer defects with pressure washers, but not really anything else. Many slapped 2 year, 5 year, even 10 years on different areas of the unit, but they all had one thing in common - manufacturer defects. 

With our warranty, we are going to make sure it’s as clear as possible for anyone wishing to purchase this product - from who should be purchasing this unit, how long coverage is, and what exactly is covered.

We are also going to throw in a 1-year warranty for your wear and tear items, because for example, if your hose fails in the first couple of months, how on earth is that wear and tear? 

Who Should be Purchasing the AR680?

The AR680 is classed as a semi-professional unit, meaning it is targeting the enthusiast & professional detailer - and this is who we will be warranting. It is not a pressure washer that has been designed to be a workhorse, or made for heavy-commercial use.

This pressure washer will not be suitable for professionals that are pumping out several washes a day, or for car washes using the machine all day, every day - and therefore the warranty is not applicable for them.

This is for enthusiasts washing their car perhaps a couple of times a week, or the professional detailer doing say 5-10 jobs a week that require washing. 

Warranty Types & Duration:

  1. The AR680 pressure washer comes standard with a 3-year Manufacturer Warranty, which provides protection against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase.
  1. This unit also comes with our very own 1-year Waxit Accessory Warranty which covers any issue with common wear and tear accessories such as guns, hoses, filters, etc. to give you even more support & greater peace of mind when it comes to purchasing a pressure washer (we can’t find many big brands doing this…)


What is not covered? 

While our warranty offers extensive coverage, and even a complimentary specialised accessory warranty, it is important to understand what will not be warrantable:

Misuse & Neglect: 

Our warranty does not cover damages that may have been caused from misuse, neglect, or improper handling of the unit. This includes failure to follow recommended operating procedures outlined in the user manual.

External Factors:

Damage that may have been caused by accidents, dropping, acts of nature, or any exposure to harsh conditions that are beyond our control.

Unauthorised Repairs:

Any attempts to repair or modify the pressure washer by unauthorised personnel will void the warranty. It's crucial to consult with us directly if there is an issue with your unit. 

Wear and Tear (Post 1-year):

After the 1-year grace period, we won’t be warranting anything that can be deemed as “wear and tear”, as after 1 year these failures will most likely be due to prolonged use. We are human however, and if you think that something as gone wrong beyond your own use, get in contact with us and we can have a chat, and work something out.