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Autoglym Polar Wash 2.5L

A safe, effective, and pH neutral foam that makes light work of dirt, traffic film and road grime removal.

AutoGlym Polar Wash is a pH neutral foaming wash that should be applied using a foam gun of some sort and can be used after a pre-wash foam such as Polar Blast.

This impressive foaming wash with cover your vehicle in a blanket of foam that quickly removes dirt, traffic film, and road grime. Available in a 2.5L.


  • Ensure the paint and wheels are cool to the touch prior to starting
  • We recommend a pre-wash with Polar Blast to gently loosen dirt. If not, rinse first with water to loosen heavy contamination.
  • Polar Wash can be used at various dilutions depending on the density of foam desired. However, we would not recommend using a dilution stronger than 50:50. Adjust foam gun settings as required to increase or reduce foam. 250ml of mixed solution should be enough to cover an average sized car.
  • Spray Polar Wash onto the vehicle, starting at the bottom, ensuring all exterior surfaces are covered, including glass and wheels.
  • The cleaner will begin to loosen dirt on all surfaces. For the most thorough clean we recommend agitating the foam with a sponge or wash mitt.
  • Rinse thoroughly from the bottom up and dry.
  • Polar Wash is not suitable for use on soft top convertibles.