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CarPro Detailing Brush Set

A high quality soft detailing brush set capable of effective interior and exterior cleaning.

Upgrade your auto detailing tools with the CarPro Detailing Brush Set, a popular and versatile car detailing brush kit. Designed specifically for car enthusiasts, this set includes a range of the best car detailing brushes, engineered to reach the most intricate areas of your vehicle, for both interior and exterior surfaces. From air vents and crevices to badges, engine bays and more!

The CarPro car detail brushes are made with a quality natural boar hair, featuring durable, chemical-resistant bristles that gently yet effectively dislodge dirt and grime. This car detailing brush set promises versatility, with each brush offering a different size to cater to various surfaces of your car, including both exterior and interior applications.

With the CarPro Detailing Brush Set, detailing brushes for cars have never been more effective or easier to use. It's an absolute must-have in your collection, offering automotive detailing brushes that enhance to make a variety of cleaning applications easier, and more effective. Plus, it makes the ideal gift for car enthusiasts.

Experience the difference of professional-grade car interior detailing brushes with the CarPro Detailing Brush Set, a perfect solution for maintaining your car's cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

You can also view the larger XL CarPro Detailing Brush here.


  • Detailing brushes for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • High level of agitation power
  • Easily rinses clean
  • Highly resistance to different pH cleaners
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Strong fibers
  • 2 different brushes with high quality polypropylene handle

Brush Sizes

  • 10” x 1” (Boars hair exterior brush).
  • 6.5” x 1” (Synthetic interior brush)|

Types of Applications

  • Exterior surfaces
    • Badges
    • Wheel spokes, nuts, and other intricate areas
    • Grills
    • Engine Bays
    • And more!
  • Interior Surfaces
    • Dashboards
    • Cupholders
    • Interior Vents
    • Seats
    • And more!