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CarPro Maintenance Pack

Popular CarPro Maintenance products now available in a discounted kit! Designed to make your washing process safer and more simple.

The CarPro Maintenance Pack has been put together with some of the best CarPro products available to enhance your washes and maintenance.

Including some excellent microfiber cloths pairing up with CarPro Reset and CarPro Reload, your washes will be taken to the next level with a fantastic powerful wash with CarPro Reset. This super effective wash can be used with a bucket or in your favourite foam cannon and will help lift and remove dirt and grime on your vehicle, while still be Ph Neutral and leaving any protection untouched and clean. Paired with the DabDab Wash Mitt, dirt is easily and safely removed from the paintwork effortlessly with a blend of soft long and short fibers to remove dirt and grime during washes on coated and non-coated vehicles.

The CarPro Dehydrate Drying Towel is safe to use on coated, sealed, waxed and bare surfaces. DHydrate towel makes drying your car super easy, and stress-free with the benefits of super soft microfiber developed in Korea which helps avoid swirl marks when drying.

Using CarPro Reload after every few washes will help enhance the visuals of the vehicle, instilling a great gloss and fantastic hydrophobic protection on the paintwork so your washes are easier, and your vehicles can stay cleaner for longer.



  • CarPro Reload 2.0 500ml
  • CarPro Reset 500ml
  • CarPro Dehydrate Large
  • CarPro Edgeless Cloth
  • CarPro DabDab