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CarPro SkinCare Kit

Clean and Protect your leather interior easily and effectively with the new CarPro SkinCare Kit!

Proper care can keep your leather in its best condition and prevent premature wear. CARPRO SkinCare KIT has everything a car care enthusiast needs to treat and regularly maintain leather surfaces without changing their appearance.

CarPro Cleanse, specially formulated for automotive use, effortlessly lifts dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your leather surfaces looking as good as new. CarPro Lotion, enriched with nourishing ingredients, not only rejuvenates your leather but also provides long-lasting protection against UV damage and premature aging.

When the pores of leather get clogged with soiling it can cause the leather to deteriorate prematurely. Cleanse used with our designated leather brush gently and effectively clean the pores and surface of your leather to prepare it for conditioning.

Due to UV rays leather can age prematurely, crack, fade and become dry. CarPro Lotion conditioner applied with the dedicated applicator thoroughly covers even heavily textured leather to restore the soft smooth feeling, protect from UV damage, and keep a natural appearance.



  • Awesome ready to go kit for general leather cleaning and maintenance!
  • Gentle yet effective cleaner
  • Efficient cleaning with the scrub applicator and leather brush



  • CarPro Cleanse (150mL)
  • CarPro Lotion (150mL)
  • CarPro Leather Brush
  • CarPro Leather Applicator
  • Terry Weave Towel