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Economax Pad Holder

Keep your polishing pads in organised for easy access from this wall holder!

This wall mount is specifically designed to provide a convenient and organized storage solution for any pads you have laying around. Now you can organise all the pads from polishing to cutting. With 3 types of wall-mounts they are designed to keep your pads snug no matter what size they are. If it's a 3", 6" or even 7" pads they will all be kept tidy on these Economax Pad Holder.

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  • Maximize your workspace
  • Quick & Easy Access
  • Customise your Arrangement
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable 

Economax Pad Holder Small

Length 355mm
Width 105mm
Height 100mm
Perfect For 2"-4" Pads

ShineMate - Black Diamond Red Foam Finishing Pad 4"

ShineMate - Black Diamond Blue Foam Intermediate Cut Pad 4"

Economax Pad Holder Medium

Length 355mm
Width 155mm
Height 115mm
Perfect For 5"-6" Pads

ShineMate - Black Diamond Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pad 6"

ShineMate - Black Diamond Green Foam Heavy Cutting Pad 6"

Economax Pad Holder Large

Length 355mm
Width 185mm
Height 135mm
Perfect For 6"-7" Pads

Lake Country SDO Blue Cutting Pad 6.5"

Lake Country HDO Blue Light Cutting Pad 6.5"